October 2017 STEP ERP Project Updates

Latest Project Accomplishments:

  • The CCG President’s Recommendation Budget Book was completed in Hyperion and introduced by President Preckwinkle in early October.
  • Impacted users completed Budget Amendment System (BAS) training in early October. BAS is used by the Commissioners’ Offices to make amendments to the budget before presenting for public hearing and approval. BAS went live on Monday, October 23, 2017.
  • In mid-October, Cook County representatives previewed the new Mobile Supply Chain Application (MSCA) that will launch in Spring 2018. The new MCSA tool will operate on an Oracle-based handheld device that supports real-time inventory transactions.
  • In September, IBM and the STEP ERP Project team completed the first phase of testing to make sure the enhanced HR, benefits, and payroll technology is ready to roll-out by mid-2018.
  • The STEP ERP Change Management Team continues to engage Cook County leaders and influencers across all impacted departments in one-on-one discussions about how the upcoming HR, Benefits, and Payroll technology enhancements will impact employees. The STEP ERP Project team will use the insights from these sessions to create targeted communications and training plans. 
  • The STEP ERP Project Functional team successfully mapped all end-to-end processes for Wave Four. These process maps outline the technical steps required to bring advanced capabilities for supplier, contract, and inventory management to Cook County. Representatives from the impacted departments and agencies have been actively engaged in the design process through one-on-one meetings, week-long workshops, and leadership briefings. The STEP Project Team expects to launch these new Oracle tools by mid-2018.

Upcoming Training, Support & Information Sessions:

  • CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting) training is scheduled for mid-November 2017. For impacted users, CAFR training will round-out the Capital Budget and Operating Budget training modules for Oracle Hyperion that were completed in July. Cook County is well on its way to reaping the benefits of enhanced financial reports and a consistent budget submittal process across all agencies.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Projects Analytics training will take place on Thursday, October 26, 2017 for targeted users.

Cheers for STEPping Up!

  • Vincent Patterson and Dean Constantinou led the charge to incorporate and validate the data for the first President’s Recommendation Budget Book completed using the new Hyperion tools.
  • Tim Hicks and Tammy Jackson provided outstanding leadership and training support in rolling out the new Oracle Hyperion budget system for Forest Preserve.
  • Special thanks to the 100+ Cook County employees who serve as Office Outreach Team members for the STEP ERP Project. With representation from each Cook County office, these group make sure that critical STEP project information is communicated across all departments.

STEP ERP Project Town Hall Meetings

Starting in early 2018, Cook County’s Leadership team will host STEP ERP Project Town Hall meetings in multiple locations.  Employees are encouraged to attend to learn more about the Oracle ERP implementation progress and the impacts to the organization. 

In the coming months, you will receive information on when, where, and how to participate in a Town Hall Meeting.